Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

About Me

My life as I know it today, started with my being transported to Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue Society. http://www.turtlegardens.org
It was winter time. The time of year that people put trees in their houses.  Something was different this year. My coat felt coarse, my skin was itchy and my ears were sore.

I don't know why I was taken to Turtle Gardens K9 Rescue. Just that I was. There were so many dogs. There were so many puppies. More dogs than I was used to.  I wasn't sure I wanted to be there. Still, the Labatte's were nice people. They took me to the doctor and he gave me some medicine to make my skin and ears feel better.  The Yvette lady had soft words and touched me in comforting ways. I soon began to feel better. Although I wasn't with Dave and Yvette for very long, during my stay I heard the Yvette lady say "Duchess" often. I got used to hearing that word, so I went to her when she said it.

One day Dave and Brian put me and alot of other dogs into a van and drove a long way to meet alot of very nice people. The other dogs all got to stay but I had to go back into the van. I didn't know why but Dave and Brian were nice so it was okay. I layed down and slept again for another long time.

When the van stopped Dave took me out and I saw 2 more people and two other dogs.  One was a male dog, later I'd know he was King. The other was a female, who I'd know as Princess Mollydawg.  We all said hello. Then the Dave man took King, the new man took P. Mollydawg and the new lady took me. We walked for a short time to a creek.  This lady seemed like a nice lady. She stroked my head and patted my back.  She looked in my eyes and I heard her say, "Duchess." I felt good and I wagged my crooked, little, stumpy tail. We all walked back to a car that King and Molly jumped into. I decided to jump in as well. It looked comfy enough. There was a soft, foamy pad that covered an area that could fit about 5 big dogs if you layed them all down.  Part of the space went under something and made like a cozy den. King went under that. The Mollydawg sat up next to the far said of the car so I had lots of room to jump in and lay down beside her. It didnt take long before the car was moving along again. I did what I knew best to do. I fell fast asleep.
When the car finally stopped again, I woke up.  We were all getting out and going into a house. This was a nice house with lots of mats and I could smell lots of other dog smells. I decided I would find a place to lay down and fall fast asleep. I could hear the many and lady talking softly. From time to time I could feel a hand brushing my coat and feel a face close to mine whispering, Duchess and other words that I didn't understand.

This is how my days began. There would prove to be much turmoil in store for me, but for the time being, I was happy and warm and very, very tired.
Please follow my story as the day to day events unfold for me.

Duchess Sammy

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