Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A change in meds

It's been over a week since I had my last Cartrophen injection. There is no noticible change. If anything my limp has become more pronounced. Mom and dad suspect there is little chance of future injections doing anything to ease my pain. I'ld say they're right. A phone call to the vet yesterday revealed their suspicions were true. The damage to my elbow is beyond what can be halted at this point. Dr. Shawna is sending us some new meds which I will start as soon as they arrive. In the meantime I've been told I need to do a little more moving around. Mom has been controling the amount of movement I get in hopes of easing my pain. Doc says I need to keep it mobile. So when the meds arrive there will be a routine movement regiment included. Oh dear oh dear. I wish I could just stay laying on my soft, warm bed all day. Mom doesnt want to - but - the doc thinks our only avenue at this point is to go with pain management on NSAID
Pics and updates to follow. Duchess Sammy's PhotoBucket

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The End of 2011

Thank doGness 2011 has ended. I definitly had my ups and downs this year.

I've just spent my first Christmas with my forever family. King & P. MollyDawg sure know what to do on Christmas morning. I wasn't feeling top of the world that morning so I preferred to lay on my mat and take it all in. Mommy tried to coax me with the smell of presents from Nan in England wrapped in delicious smelling paper. I even wasn't really interested in smelling food.

Yes, Im feeling a bit of pain in my legs these days. Our weather this year has been incredibly damp. I'm told that Lillooet normally has a dry climate. Wouldn't you know it, this year it decides to be wet. Mom and dad ordered me a really nice warm coat to wear but because my legs are sore its dificult to move in it. Now they've bought me a special harness that allows them to hold me as I walk on my difficult days. I'll send pics when mom gets them developed. (I think that's what she does?)

I also now have a YouTube account to post video's of my progress. Wish me well. www.youtube.com/user/DuchessBelongs

My leg pain started in about the middle of Dec. I was playing in the yard. I wasn't doing alot of romping around, just enjoying my new squeaky toy while King & P. MollyDawg went mad roaring around the property.
After dinner I didn't feel much like staying outdoors for any length of time so I sauntered over to relax before bed. I was a bit sore and mom noticed I was favouring one of my legs. I know she thought it was my right hind leg but she was wrong. By morning my limping was more pronounced and it was easy for mom to see it was my right arm that was so painful.
After much fussing and testing my legs by gently pulling and twisting them around mom finally figured out just exactly what area was the most painful. All she had to do was ask me. I could have told her precisely where the pain was. My elbow was way to painful for her to bend it so I stiffened it up and refused to let her move it. I heard her say, "Aahhh daddy it's here in her elbow." Lets call the doctor and get it x-rayed"

So off we went. To shorten an other wise incredibly lengthy story. I am now recieving weekly Cartrophen Vet injections. I've had 4 so far. I do not notice a difference. Mommy and daddy say at the end of this week they will cal Dr. Richards back and see if we have any other options available. I do not feel well. I am not able to play with my squeaky or my ball now. It hurst to badly. I'm going to lay down on my comfy quilt now. I'll write again soon.