Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Friday, 8 July 2011

Ahh Relaxing Summertime

Here it is. Arrived in all its glory. Hot, Hot Summer days. Good food, good family and lots of play everyday. Does it get any better than this?
I'm sure my family will tell me, there are still a few hills to climb. I know that. I have to lose some weight for starters.
Yes the good Dr. told me I'm over weight and if I want to live to a ripe old age I have to trim my wasteline. I tipped the scale this month at 95 lbs. The doc wants to see me down to a swelt 85 lb. He says I'm starting to get older now, (10 yrs is not old Im still a puppy at heart) and my wieght will be a contributing factor in my health in the coming years. My brother King has to lose some weight as well, but he's only 87 lbs. We're both s'posed to hit the 85 lb mark.
The one I giggled at was Miss. Princess Mollydawg, she's well over weight. (hee hee hee) Doc says she's sitting at 58 lbs and has to lose at least 5 lbs. She will not be a happy puppy. Doc says mom & dad have to be able to see her waistline. ( what's that? ) lol
At any rate apparently we're all healthy exept for weight. My mom was worried about my legs, hips, and over all joints condition. All are limber enough and my coat is fast on to becoming glossy and soft. I haven't had my bath yet because mom says she wants me to feel comfortable with the water before she plunges into that.
I've been in the kiddie swimming pool already. Well, my feet have. I really had to be 'encouraged' to go in even that far. I'm way better than King though. He wouldn't go in at all. He just lays around pretending he's the King or something. Oh, okay, so he is but still, he could at least get his stinky feet wet. At least P. Mollydawg runs through and pretends to have been swimming. Sometimes she's not so bad.

I guess I'm starting to get a little more used to my family now. The little one, called Squire Seven, he's kinda cool. At least he actually tries to get me to play with him. He brings me tug toys and balls and throws them around for me. I try to play with him a bit but he's WAY TOO FAST! King and Mollydawg play everyday ALOT! They run like the wind and ram into each other. Wow they really play far too rough for myold bones. I try to run along side of them sometimes. Usually I end up just standing wagging my tail and barking at them to slow down a bit. I've actually bumped into them some times. I thought maybe that would remind them that Im here and get them to play WITH me. Well so far it hasnt worked. I won't give up though. Im sure in time they will include me in all their games.
for the time being, I'm content and comfortable being a part of this family.

I smile alot and moan and groan and rumble on and on when mom and dad walk in the room. They think they really understand what Im saying. I love it here and I love my new family.

Oh yea and mom said she's adding videos to King's Youtube thing so you can watch how she tricked me to walk in the kiddie pool. She said soon she'll put up a video of her giving me a BATH!! I THINK NOT!!

Princess Mollydawg thinks she's wet.

Okay I got wet that's themost you're going to get from me.

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