Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Sunday, 25 September 2011

I Love Autumn

The days are turning cooler now. There is still a few hot sunny days left but it's so lovey and cool during the night. I sometimes wake my mummy up at 2 or 3 am and ask to be let outdoors. She doesn't seem happy about that. I dont know why. Its a perfect time to go wandering. The air is fresh and cool and cats are out and about!
P. Molly, King and I all run like crazy when she opens the door so we can catch the tail of the cat as it scampers over the brick wall at the back of the yard. DRAT! We've never caught it yet though, and mummy is fast to CLAP her hands three times which is a night time recall for us. ("CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, = Knock, It, Off! )

The days of playing in the yard all day have passed and we now have to spend a few hours each day sleeping indoors while mom and dad are at work.
I don't mind it too much and sometimes mommy will leave the TV on for us. We don't really care about it but I think it makes mummy feel less guilty about leaving us alone. Dad comes home every day at luchtime and takes us out for a short playtime and a piddle. After his lunch he sometimes gives us a small treat to tie us over. It's a good thing really, because my poor tummy really rumbles these days.

I sometimes feel like Im being starved! On the weekends when everyone is home we've been going out and picking all the fruit off the trees. We have a plum tree, a peach tree and a pear tree and I LOVE THEM ALL! I head straight for the pear tree, cuz it's my favourite. If I'm quick enough I can sneak the pears that have dropped off before mom comes around the corner. MMmmmmm. They are so good. King & Molly like them too but they wait till mommy gives them one.

On days when moms not looking for me I wait under the shade of the pear tree for one to drop. The other day she snuck around and found me. DRAT! now she knows my hiding place. Oh well. She will usually pick one and divide it into quarters for all of us. Daddy doesn't like them so its just mom and us that get a piece. I hope after mom puts them into jars she'll still let us have some. If I have to wait until next summer to have more I'll just die!
MMmmm peeeeaaaarrrs.

I'll put a couple of pics here so you can see how delicious they are.

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  1. What a beautiful pear tree! They look delicious.
    Love the video too!

    Thanks for your Congratulations on my 6th Blog Anniversary! I appreciate it so much!