Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Curled up on the ride HOMEMy mom and dad came out to meet Brian in Cache Creek at 3:30 in the morning on Sunday June 5th 2011. I know how much they really love me. They brought King, Princess Mollydawg and Squire Seven with them. I wiggled and whined and I licked everyone. I pulled very hard on the lead when mommy was bringing me to the car. I know I'm not supposed to, but I wanted her to know I am happy about getting back in a vehicle because I knew it meant, Im going HOME!

Thank you so much to Brian, for driving me this very long way! Thank you Dave & Yvette for helping me through this difficult time even at a time when things were so hectic for you and all the dogs of Turtle Gardens K9 Rescue. Thank you to Nicola from Houston for arranging to have me brought back from Terrace to my mom and dad. A big special thanks to all those people who tried to make a quicker arrangement to bring me to my home. Lisa, Foster Coordinator for Turtle Gardens,Foster For TG who was instrumental, Paula, Silky's mom and Barb, Caili's mom who offered to drive me in case no one else could do it. That's a long distance! So many people asked about me and how they could help me. It still brings me to tears to think of how so many people who don't even know me wanted to help me. But then, that's what mom says the Turtle Gardens supporters are all about. She says just ask King! Giving of themselves in order to help those who can't. A big special sloppy lick to you all!

I'll be doing updates periodically here, so please feel free to stop back and read about my progress. At the moment mom is putting up a few photos of my first few days back home. You can go look at them and watch the short video clips on her Photobucket page. Here's the link to it. Katog's Photobucket Mom says you just go to my album. Duchess Sammy. There's a new one called Adopted! (deeeep siiiigh) Nice word eh? :-)
My mom has also posted a few videos on Kings Youtube of my first days back home.
Here's a preview and you can click this link to
King's Youtube Channel.
I hope you enjoy them :-)

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