Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Saturday, 18 June 2011

I'm on My Way Back to Lillooet

I can't believe this has happened! My real mom didn't want me back. Okay, they tell me she "couldn't" take me back. I made it all the way back to Terrace to be with her. I don't understand. I was sent to live in a kennel. The lady that originally took me to Turtle Gardens is coming to pick me up and take me back to Yvette. From there I will wait until Dave can drive me back to "MY REAL FAMILY" The family who loves me. The family who cried when I was taken away from them. The family who pleaded with that other person, who claimed to be my 'mom', to let me stay with them.

I'm going back to them now. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER have to leave them again. I'm going HOME!


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