Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Will I See My Real Mom This Weekend?

There's only 4 more days to go. I really have mixed feelings. On one hand I truely want to go live with my real mom again. I miss doing all the things we did together. I miss her voice and her actions. I know she had to go away to get better. I know she still loves me. I can't wait to see her again. I want her to be healthy and take good care of me.

The other side is I am nervous I won't be allowed to live with my mom. I think she is still in the hospital. That will mean I have to go live in a kennel. I DO NOT want to live in a kennel. The people who are fostering me, have given me an extremely confortable life. I have the pick of 5 mats in thier living room. I have the pick of 4 mats in their bedroom. There are many other cushy mats through out the house. There is also a large crate I can go into if I feel I need to have a secure space all of my own. I went in there one day. Just to test it out you understand. I know I can fit confortably, but I prefer to roam the house freely.

I have good food and the company of other dogs. There is usually anywhere between 6 - 2 other dogs from other families that visit here. I know that the big reddish/blonde male named "King" and another one , a black/tan female named "Princess MollyDawg" live here permanently. We go for a few very short walks a week. I don't like to go very far, I get very tired these days. Mostly I would prefer to lay about the house on my mats and soak in the sunshine.

The mom lady here told me she received an email from the people who are taking care of my mom in the hospital up in Terrace. They told her they want me to go back up there to live in a kennel so I can be closer to my mom. That's when this feeling started. Now, Im having second thoughts about seeing my mom. I really love being here playing with King & P. MollyDawg and Seven, (the little brown border terrier) He's the sorta cousin to King & P. MollyDawg. Even Mia the 2 yr old shepard is okay. We have alot of toys. The squeaky ones are my favourites. I like to control those ones. Sometimes I stand for minutes on end and just guard it. I don't want anyone to take them away from me. Usually little Mia will sneak right in and grab it anyway. She is such a clever sneak. My foster mom said she's going to try to find a picture of that.

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