Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Friday, 10 February 2012

Now its just my weight

I think I have my pain management under control now. Yes I still have some very SORE days. I haven't quite figured out what makes those days. It might be a change in weather, as some people say. My new meds are working!
It might be the day after a bout of good days where I felt less pain and so engaged in fun filled days of frolicking and playing with my toys.
Or perhaps it's after a night when I've slept in a particularly complex position. Who knows?
At any rate, I seem to be having more, less painful days now. It's a good thing for a couple of reasons. One I'm sure I needn't mention. The obvious meds taking affect. I now get them in the morning instead of bedtime. Two, I can use the 'good' days to get my much needed exercise accomplished.
Doc says if I cant get my weight to a more manageable number Im going to continue to have health issues for the rest of my life. I know that's true. It's just that I feel like I'm caught in a vicious circle. I can't seem to get my wieght down if I can't get the exercise I need.
So Im committed to using as much of the "GOOD" days as exercise days. My mom and dad are committed to keeping me on a STRICT healthy foods, non cookie diet. Oh my! Tha's the hard part.
My new cookie treats are cut up bits of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Mmmm they really are good and mom says I can have as many of them during the day as I want! In the words of a very famous lady.... "How cool is that!"
Mom keeps a big plastic bin in the fridge full of them and I can ask for them at any time. I do too! I love to moan and whine and wallow by the fridge untill I get some. HEY! Whatever works! Mom says she'll put some pics up on my site soon, so you can see how Im looking.

Oh btw King got a brand new snow suit this year and we have some pictures on his youtube of us playing. so you can go have a look at that if you want to. www.youtube.com/user/kingsurvives2008 and mine will be added soon at www.youtube.com/user/duchessbelongs

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