Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Saturday, 27 October 2012

What Do We Do Now?

October 23 2012 My semi annual vet appointment. I was scheduled to have my bloodwork done, and an x-ray to look at the arthritis in my front leg. Mom asked if they woudl please schedule an x-ray for my shoulder as well. She has been watching a lump grow and thinks the arthritis has spread up to my shoulder. I've been very sore but can easliy endure it with the NSAID's (Deramax). Im taking 75 mg a day, half at breakfast, half at dinner. My wieght, according to the good doc, is at a stable and acceptable 36.2 kg For the most part I thought I was doing okay. The x-rays showed otherwise. The large lump on my shoulder turns out to be a cancerous tumor. Im devastated! How can that be? I was just fine 6 months ago! I can beat arthritis. It won't get the better of me. My mom and dad can easily support me through a life of stiffness and arthritic pain. I get good quality food. High in protein, subsidized by extra nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Omega 3 oils, Glucosamine Chondroitin, veg and meaty bones. This is unbelievable to me. Not only is there a tumor on my shoulder . . . my lungs show cancerous spots on them as well. It's so hard to write about this. I have been told I may not see Christmas this year. Will it really happen so fast?? I know my mom and my dad will continue to give me as much of their support as they can. I know they are doing whatever they can to make me as comfortable as I can be. For now, Im in pain when I lay in the wrong position. I am in pain when I try to move to quickly. I can still play with my ball and I still love my breakfast and my dinner time. Im drinking well and still have regular bowel and bladder control. How long will this last? Today my mom will write a letter to ask for any information she can get from a well respected Animal Seniors advocate. I will write again when I know more or when something changes. October 12 mom and dad and King and Princess Mollydawg and I all went camping at Rogers Creek. It's about an hour away from home, Southwest of Lillooet. I am so happy I was healthy enough to enjoy it. Here are some photos and videos of the weekend.
Limpin But Happy

Time To Lay Down Big Girl

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