Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Thursday, 8 November 2012

How Am I doing?

Before I begin this post I need to say a resounding Thank you to two of the strongest women Ive ever had the pleasure to speak with. I admire them both,and I hold the deepest respect for them. Carol Hines from S.A.I.N.T.S. and Yvette Labatte from Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue. You have given me strength to cope with this and I plan to FIGHT!
Thank you!

I was feeling at a loss and wondering how I would ever manage to carry on with the results of my last tests.
Bone cancer and arthritis. What a combination!
Apparently it will be over by Christmas time. Or so my Dr. thinks.
My plan is to prove them wrong.
I plan to be here to see the new Spring come in. I can beat this.
Mom and dad have started me on Tramadol combined with Deramax. Twice a day, once in the morning once at night. I'm sleeping way better.
I'm very hungry by morning and can't wait for my dinner. Mom has altered my diet to oinclude more veggies, more protien and vitamins. I'm getting an increase in fish and Omega 3. Vitamin A, D and E. Carrots, Sweet potatoes, Beatroot and way more broccoli.
I'm getting even more fresh lean meat and my kibble is being cut back to reduce carbohydrates. So those are my recent changes in my mental state and my diet.

How's it working?
I'm very sore first thing in the morning. Still able to pull myself up with the help of mom or dad lifting the corner of my mat to give me a boost. I walk to the door where mom or dad carry me down the 3 steps to the lawn for my morning business. I'm a bit wobbly but still able to support myself. I still like to walk over to the Mountain Ash tree with King and munch of a few of the fallen berries. I can't usually make it back to the house so dad comes to carry me back. I can walk from the doorway to the livingroom and onto my mat of choice. Whew! that's a big event in the morning. Mom makes my breakfast and I eat it very eagerly. Mmm I still have one healthy appetite. Sometimes mom or dad brings me my breakfast or dinners instead of me walking back into the kitchen to eat it. I'm a bit wobbly on the kitchen floor so I wait on my mat for it. They bring me my water as well, which I still drink by the gallons.

I sleep all day while mom and dad are at work and King and Mollydawg don't bother me at all. When dad come homes for lunch they run outside toplay and I wiggle and moan and groan with happiness to see him. He carries me outside for a pee and I like to show him how happy I am to see him. I wiggle and bark and do little jumps of joy. When Im done after about 10 minutes, dad carries me ack into the house and I sleep for the rest of the afternoon until mom comes home and we do the same thing over again.

Yes I'm in pain but it's not unbearable as yet. I can handle it and I will continue to. I am still a happy girl who loves my family and I know they love me. We are fighting this and will not give up!

There are new videos on my youtube so you can see how Im doing. Please feel free to go have a look.

Im Okay!



  1. Hi Duchess and your wonderful family, Silky and I are thinking about you and are so sorry to hear that you have cancer and arthritis. Your spirit is incredible and we know that you are in the best of hands with your mom and dad and Mollydawg and King. Lots of hugs and smooches
    Silky and her mom