Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Ramp and Trolley are Complete

Yesterday my dad finished my ramp and trolley and I love him even more than I thought I did before.
I'll be posting a few pictures that I think will tell the story with out my having to.
Mom is just uploading them and they should be available later this afternoon.
You'll notice in a couple of the pictures. Its not me in the Trolley but actually King and Princess MollyDawg. Can you believe it?? The minute my back is turned they hop right in and tried to claim it. Well I guess it's okay after all we always share everything around here. Besides I was busy getting a drink of water. Oh, and isn't it neat that the Trolley can come right into the house?
Yea cool eh?
Mom and dad say I can use it as a day bed when I dont need to ride around in it. It's helping me get used to it. I've been rolled around the house a couple of times and I even went down the ramp already! I KNOW WOW EH!
Mom didnt take a picture thought because both her and dad had their hands on teh trolley and sort of getting ready to guide me back if I should get spooked and try to bolt out of it. Phhhhffft ! AS IF! There is no way Im going anywhere by right down on my comfy cozy foamy and uilt when I'm in there. I love it. Mom will get some pictures soon she says. :-)

Im so happy

I had to remove this SLIDESHOW It wasn't working properly. I'll fix it later but for now you will have to click on this link to go see it. Im sorry about that!

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