Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Sunday, 16 December 2012

I'm Being Kept Comfortable and Well Loved!

These days I have a happy, simple, quiet life. I love my favourite place to be, it's in front of the heat vent on my fluffy warm mat. I still take my Deramax to manage my arthritis every day twice a day. My bone cancer pain is under the control of Tramadol, three times a day. I still try my best to walk every day to keep my muscles as strong as they can be given my condition.
I love to cozy in my day bed that daddy built for me. On days when I don't want to walk mommy or daddy putme in my trolley and roll me to the outdoors. I just cozy down and enjoy the ride now.
A few weeks ago my mom received a message from a generous person on facebook who had recently gone through the pain of loosing her beloved companion. She was full of compassion and comfort for my mom which then transferred over to me. After the passing of her sweet Daisy she was left with several suppliments and pain pills. She sent these to my mom through the post for me to benefit from.
Thank you so much for them Wendy.
I have days when I don't want to go outside except to do my business and come back indoors again. The growth on my shoulder is about the size of a small football now, though it's not noticable unless you feel my shoulder blade. I don't use my right leg at all but rather just let it hang limp while I walk.
I'm still very alert and eager to head out doors to find my toys and have a snack on the Mountain ash berries with King and Princess MollyDawg. I have a healthy appetite and still drink my share of water each day.
Mom says I'm still "Ole Roly Poly, Moany Groany, Sloppy Jaws" :-) Although she says, I've trimmed my waistline down considerably. Good thing cuz I don't think my ole leggies could carry that extra wieght this time in my life.

If you want to take some time to go have a look at my current photo album please visit this link. Duchess Sammy's Ramp and Trolley
Mom is adding new videos regularly on my youtube channel HERE - www.youtube.com/DuchessBelongs

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