Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Daddy Phoned The Doctor And The Doctor Said . . .

Yesterday daddy phoned the vet to give them an update on how I'm doing and to ask a couple of questions.

You see I had a couple of very bad nights and he and mom became very worried.
I've had a couple of things show up in my body and they were not sure if they should be concerned or simply take them as signs of the progression of my bone cancer. At any rate they wanted the vet to be aware of the changes in order to help me through this difficult time.

  • Most significant is the swelling of my right leg. That's the shoulder where the cancer has concentrated. Mommy measured both wrists and there is an inch's difference. Doc says if it's not red it's probably not inflamation. It could be that the blood vessels are being affected by the tumor and the blood flow is being hindered. Mom is to massage it periodically throughout the day.
  • Also my bottom tooth seems to be inflamed. At first daddy thought it was just where I scraped it on the ground while eating snow. On closer inspection it appears to be an absese of sorts. It hasn't spoiled my appetite but mom has been giving me softer foods anyway. The doc says I have to use salt water to clean it out. Mom mixed up a solution in a small, spritzer, spray bottle and is going to do that several times a day. YUCK
  • The other concern is my right eye. It is also swollen and it's started weeping alot lately. Doc says there is really no way for him to give a proper diagnosis over the phone. He says to check for redness, watch it and let him know if it doesn't improve.
Well, that's it then, dad made me an appointment to bring me in to see the doc on Friday. I'll let you know how it turns out.
In the meantime, mom is still adding video's almost daily to my youtube channel. I really want to play on some days but mom is afraid I'll overdo it and she stops me.
Like on the New Years day video

Duchess Belongs's YouTube Have a look and feel free to comment. I'ld love to hear any suggestions or advise you have.

Check out my wiggly tail! here - Dec 29th Day by Day

And after snow play it's time for the warmth of the house.

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