Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Duchess Sammy in a CONE??

I think not! I promise not to scratch or rub my eye.
After all I can only barely lift my hind leg as it is, to touch my ear, let alone get it up a further couple of inches to my eye!

Okay so I let you try it on me to see how it works and NOW WE KNOW! I can not move around with that silly thing on my head! I need to use my nose to give me balance when I stand up and turn myself around.
How in tarnashun am I supposed to do that with a stupid cone stuck on my head!?

Take it off! Take it off NOW!
Thank you, for laying beside me in this silly ordeal King. Good grief!!
So apparently I have a scratch inside my eye. I think I must have done it when I was rubbing my backside on the branches. I recall slipping a bit and I think a branch may have caught my eye. So anyway t's infected and now I am on two types of eye drops. Twice a day now mom has to put these stupid drops in my eyes!
Well at least we know what that swelling was. I have to go back in two weeks to see if it's cleared up.

As for the swelling on my right leg. . . Well that's another story.
Not so easily remedied. My tumor has grown to an incredibly large size and begun to metastasize. It has moved up my shoulder blade and creeping onto my spine. It's also down my leg in several areas almost cutting off a great deal of blood flow. The best thing for that now is to continue to gently massage my leg in hopes of keeping some blood flow to it. I'm being good about letting mom gently move my shoulder and leg several times throughout the day. Of course we hope to keep the blood flowing to prevent gangrene from setting in. Oh for heavens sake, what next! Well next is some good news!

Yayyy! Good news! My tooth has absessed as we thought and it has aleady fallen out all by itself! On Friday when I went in to see the good Doctor Ross, at Cache Creek Vetterinary Clinic, told mom he could wiggle it and it would probably fall out right in his hand. Mom said if it's that close let's let it come out on it's own. So it did, the very next day. Mom is still spraying salt water on the empty cavity to keep food from lodging in it. Double Yuck!! But at least that's feeling better.
Now we're back to the waiting game. It sounds terrible to talk that way but that is exactly what we're doing.

I'm still enjoying some of life's simple pleasures on a fairly regular basis. I still wiggle my tail when I'm out side. I still take my ball and hold it in my mouth. It still taste good to lick it. I like it when the other dogs comes by to give me a sniff. Sometimes they give me a lick in passing. I always wiggle my tail so they know they've made me happy.
Mom said she put a new video on my youtube. It shows how I come out to the yard and go back in. I don't stay outside for very long. Even though I have a plastic tarp under my cozy quilt, I get chilly fast. I would much rather be in the house beside the heat vent.
So at least I don't have to wear the stupid cone and my tooth is no longer painful. Whew. Life is still okay. :-) For Now . . .

A Simple Pleasure


  1. I was just going to call but good thing I checked the blog first. Duchess looks alert, happy and comfortable, I'm so so sorry the cancer is growing so quickly. How lucky is she to have found the best home in the world with your family! Your connection with Duchess is so strong - I wish I could wave a magic wand and make this last longer.

    1. Thanks Aunty Cynda,
      You're right we do have a tight bond with each other here. It's hard to imagine that on Jan 9, 2011 it will be two years that we have been together.
      I also wish there was a magic wand we could wave. (sigh) Never Mind, I hear it's lovely over Rainbow Bridge.

  2. Duchess Sammy, if you or any of the other Royals need a cone again, the soft inflatable cones are wonderful! Like a cushy donut around your head. We have one by 21st Century, called a Protective Collar (Inflatable), and during Charley's last weeks on earth she loved wearing it for the permanent pillow it provided. They are more expensive than plastic ones, but stand up well - ours has been used on several dogs many times and is still like new.
    I'm so sorry you are feeling poorly. You are so fortunate to have your own trolley and servants to pull it. I wish you painfree and restful days soaking up the love of your family.