Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Duchess Sammy is Running Free Over Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday was an extremely difficult day. It started with a blog posted on www.turtlegardens.org which you can read below and ended with a blog I posted later in the day which I will post first below.

We can not begin to Thank all the supportive people who have so kindly expressed their empathy for all we are going through at this time. It will take us some time to regain our strength and get that task completed. There are over 40 messages and emails that came flooding in to our side.

Thank you so much to everyone of you! You will hear from us soon. We are in a state we had never anticipated would happen. All we can imagine is that the "powers that be" took the pain away from our Beloved Duchess Sammy by bestowing it on us.

If that is the case we gladly accept this pain knowing that in time it will subside for us and it would only have increased if it would have stayed with our Duchess Sammy.

Rest In Peace Forever More Duchess Sammy – 15/04/02 – 07/01/13
Posted on January 7, 2013 by King
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Thank you so much to everyone for all your supportive and kind comments. It helps to hear we are doing the right thing. It’s so hard to know for sure. Our hearts are broken.

Late this afternoon Duchess Sammy began to show signs of extreme stress. King and Princess Molly laid beside her for a short time but she did not rest easy. Cuddles and strokes and even extra tramadol did not calm her. She had not been able to empty her bladder for the last two days and we believe her kidneys had failed. A rush to the vet confirmed our greatest fear. There was talk of a catheter but we felt our sweet girl had been through enough. It was time to let our darling cross Rainbow Bridge. She went to sleep in our arms while resting on her big fluffy mat with her teddy bear under her chin. Her warm breath still smelled of her last lick of peanut butter. She’ll be the most desired girl on The Bridge.
Run free and fast Royal Girl. We will always love you.

Duchess Sammy is ill
Posted on January 7, 2013 by King
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Two years ago on Jan 9th 2011 Duchess Sammy joined our family. The happiness she has brought to our home is beyond belief. She has the softest, mildest teddy bear personality I have ever had the pleasure to know. She brought something very special to our small pack. She has completely filled a spot that we never even knew was empty.
Duchess was at TG Dec 2010 I remember the phone conversation when Cynda told me about her being brought to Turtle Gardens because she was unwanted at her previous home. She was 9 years old and her family wanted her to be put down. Fortunately someone from her hometown in Terrace put a quick stop to that and brought her all the way down to Yvette. Yvette saw her teddy bear personality and knew right off she DID NOT belong in a rescue facility. She needed a family she could love and be devoted to and that would return all that love to her. She mentioned that to Cynda, who in turn mentioned to us to ask Yvette about the big black rottie that was brought in with no name.
Deezy, Duchess and Raita stayed with Yvette safe from the flood waters
That’s when the wheels began to turn. Those who remember Duchess coming to us will recall there was much turmoil to go through before Duchess was allowed to BELONG in our family. She had to go back to Terrace, but finally came back HOME to stay on June 13 2011. Duchess Sammy came HOME to us permanently. We are ever so grateful for everything everybody did to get Duchess to us. A few people who played an immense role were of course Lisa B, and Nikki from Terrace and of course Dave and Yvette and Brian.
Thank you so much for this beautiful treasure you gave to us.
Duchess wrote a 2 week update letter to Mamma Yvette -Jan 23 2011 Sadly that website is no longer available. Duchess has had one and a half years of prefect bliss. She truly is of Royal blood in our hearts. She has only ever given us perfect devotion. She exudes calm, matronly, diplomacy. She makes no bones about showing someone who is playing to rough that they better calm down or she’ll run to tell mommy. She made it very easy for us to give her all the affection and care she rightly deserved but obviously lacked. This girl really does have a royal heart.
Duchess Sammy’s YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/duchessbelongs

During the last six months Duchess has been on NSAID (Deramax) and battling severe arthritis in her front leg. We believed it had begun to affect her hind legs as well. On Oct. 23rd 2012, during a routine six month, blood test and x-rays, Duchess was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer. We were told to prepare for a tragedy before the end of the year, possibly before Christmas. It had already spread to her lungs and possibly other areas. We were devastated but determined to allow Duchess to continue to live out what ever her remaining days were, in as much comfort and dignity as she so rightly deserved.
She is now almost bedridden. We carry her or trolley her in and out of the house. Daddy did a bang up job of building her a ramp and a trolley for transport. We have placed long walkways of carpet throughout the house so she could walk without slipping on the lino. It is becoming rough more and more difficult for her to stand. Her bladder is shutting down. She still has control of her bowels and we put pampers on her during the night to prevent the possibility of mishaps. (Thank you so much for those Paula.) Her disease has metastasized further to other organs and she is now taking tramadol three times a day to keep her as comfortable as possible. A double dose at night. We are so thankful to all the people who have offered so much support for us. Of course, Yvette and also Carol Hines from S.A.I.N.T.S. for their expert advice on quality palliative care. A special thank you to Wendy for sharing the meds she had remaining after the tragic loss of her beloved Daisy.

Time is quickly running out and we have prepared ourselves as much as we can that we will have to let her go to run freely over Rainbow Bridge. We believe we are down to one or two days now. I keep a fairly up to date record of her days on her blog and try to add videos to her YouTube as much as I can. Our vet lives an hour out of town and I also hope it provides an opportunity for him to see her progression as well. For now we all enjoy a few of lives simple pleasures that Duchess Sammy reminds us about each day.
A wagging tail, a deep sigh while sniffing the fresh air, the feel of her favourite teddy bear under her chin, the taste of her favourite chew toy, the sound of her favourite squeaky toy, a bark when she sees the other dogs playing to rough, the feel of her soft, clean, thick, glossy black coat. . .


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