Happy Sammy

Happy Sammy

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Prayers On The Wind

A while ago we received a package from a very dear friend.
A friend who we have never actually met in person. A friend who like so many of our other friends, understands what our family has been going through. Jean is the author of the blog, "My Life With The Critters".

You can see the beautiful gift she sent us on this website.
Pet Prayer Flags - Prayers On The Wind

The video at the bottom of this post is in Tribute to our Beloved Duchess Sammy.
You will forever be in our hearts

I have been told the music does not play here so please visit this link to listen to it.
The string of flags come with a tag that explains what they are. It reads:

The loss of a pet, a longtime friend and companion, leaves us lost and deep in sorrow as we try to understand and accept their passing.

Tibetians believe that prayers are carried on the wind and become a permanent part of the universe as the flags fade from exposure to the elements.
Just as life moves on and is replaced by new life, our own healing begins, our hearts mend and we find room to love another pet.

It took us a very long time to hang them outside. There was a part of our hearts that felt like hanging them would mean we are ready to move on and stop grieving for our sister Duchess Sammy. That is so, NOT the case! We will forever grieve her loss.
But, now we want to begin to move forward and remember all the happiness she brought into our lives. We still cry when we think about her. I am crying now. I started writing this blog a few hours ago but have to stop periodically to regain my composure. I go out and look at the flags and think of her being healthy and free and with good buddies to romp and run with her tongue lolling out. Then I can come back in and smile as I write.

Thank you Aunty Jean for helping us to begin the healing process. Bless you and all your furry companions.
We will be Okay, ...soon.

The poem on the middle flag reads:
"You have gone ahead, And nothing is the same, Leaving paw prints on my heart, That will always remain"

Until We Meet Over Rainbow Bridge . . .


  1. Your spirit is always with us, dear Duchess Sammy. You will never be forgotten.
    Love, Aunty Jean

    1. Thank you Aunty Jean X♥X